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Out of sight. Out of mind.

Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care.

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this is the most important thing in the world

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Anonymous: "Hiya. Just watched your coming out video and I was just wondering if you still like 'the person not the gender' or if you are gay. It's cool if you don't want to put a label on yourself, but I was just wondering because in your video, you start by saying you like girls and boys to your mum, but then to your dad you say you're gay? by the way, I think your videos are great and you and lizzy seem like a great couple. can't wait for the next one."

To be honest I have no idea and I don’t really think about it that much! But when I do… I do like the person not the gender and i dislike being called a lesbian. I use the word gay all the time, I prefer it. 

Anonymous: "Hey whats ur girls name is she still the one girl u asked to marry u"


crossfit-for-the-apocalypse: "I watched your video and I need an update on your and lizzy's love life. I really hope it has worked out for you two. Incredibly adorable"

We are alive. Making a video soon! Just on our holibobs

Anonymous: "Videos?"

They are coming my friend

allynanikohl: "I agree! I live here 24/7"

That sucks! Go live in New York, it’s the best

I can’t wait for the day when you realize you fucked up.
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Anonymous: "my ex girlfriend who's also my best friend is now ignoring me for no apparent reason, it's driving me maaad! can't think of anything I've done but then why is she ignoring me?-.-"

An ex is an ex for a reason! I’ve never got why lesbians think it is a good idea to be best friends with their ex girlfriends. Sorry dude, I have no idea!

Anonymous: "What kind of music do you like?"

I like heavy metal and satanism :)

Anonymous: "Any more trips coming up?"

Ya! Spain for a month in August!

rose-dix-and-both-her-eyebrows: "Are you still making the videos?"

For sure

person:you're blocking the view
me:i am the view